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Preparation for Dating: A Quick Checklist

Preparation for Dating: A Quick Checklist
By Victor W. Harris, MS

Dating can be a great way of making new friends and an important avenue toward helping us understand ourselves from another person's perspective. Dating can also help us learn to receive and to give emotional support while learning how to interact with others and earn their respect.

Researchers have found that dating relationships that tend to last and lead to marriage are based on the development of friendships with common values and interests. Since relationships that tend to last are based on the ability to develop these friendships, take stock of yourself with the following checklist of dating and friendship making skills:
Can I be myself?
Am I a positive person?
Can I begin a conversation?
Can I keep a conversation moving and progressing?
Am I a good listener?
Can I validate others' responses?
Can I talk about things others are interested in?
Am I interested in what others think?
Am I interested in how others feel?
Am I sensitive to others' feelings?
Can I disclose my thoughts to others?
Can I disclose my feelings to others?
Can others trust me?
Have I established some dating rules based on my values and beliefs?
Am I honest with myself?
Am I honest with others?
Can I admit when I have made a mistake?
Can I apologize and say, "I'm sorry?"


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